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Renovation and Modifications for Needs
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As our loved ones begin to have special needs, or already have them, sometimes it's hard to understand what needs to be done in terms of accommodating them within the house. Do you need special non-slip rugs, grab bars in the shower, special lighting in dark areas? After a recent email from someone who was looking for these accommodations, they came across our website and found some useful resources. In addition, they suggested another resource they found that would be helpful for others who are in need of understanding what needs to be done! Thank you Keri for sharing your source, we know it will be very helpful to our members!

Here are a some resources that could be very helpful:

  • Home Remodeling for People with Disabilities: What You Need to Know

    This is an article that we've provided before, published by Expertise, written by Michael Sledd. This is a comprehensive site that covers many topics such as: Federal Resources, Planning the Project, Creating Accessible Entryways, Friendly Flooring, Smart Home Technology, Bathrooms, and Kitchens.

  • Home Remodeling and Modifications for People with Special Needs

    This is an article published by US Insurance Agents that was provided to us by Kari! This is a great resource that gives tons of information. Focusing on a breakdown of Federal Laws, Federal Resources, the process of modifying, and the next steps of the modifications (which includes: planning, designing, remodeling). This site offers tons of resources and guides that are very informative. Thank you Kari for sharing with us!

  • Fall Proofing Your Home

    This is an article that we've featured in one of the weekly NMAHHC updates by NIH Senior Health. This page offers videos and lists that provide simple changes for home safety, specifically with fall-proofing your home.

  • Accessible Home Modification... Learn how to have a safer, more accessible environment 

    This is an article published by Accessible Home Improvement of America that offers solutions to challenges many face when looking to modify existing spaces.

  • Home Safety Tips for Seniors 

    This is an article published by A Place for Mom that provides great quick tips on general safety, bathroom safety, kitchen safety, and drug safety. This site also provides a Home Safety Checklist which is linked here.

  • Making Home Modifications for Loved Ones in Your Care 

    This is an article published by AARP, where Caregiving Advisory Panel expert Elinor Ginzler offers great tips for making your home safe. This is a mix between Q-and-A information and an article. She provides many great links on the page to fantastic sources for specific questions.

  • Making Your Home Senior Friendly 

    This is an article by Age In Place that offers quick and handy guides for all areas of the home. There are many pictures that provide excellent examples of what could be done to help your home have accessibility.

  • Making Home a Safer Place, Affordably
    This is an article by the NY Times on how Catherine Fisher and her family hired an occupational therapist to modify Ms. Fisher's two-story town house on a reasonable budget. This article also offers resources on grants and insurance information.

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